“I have always had a belief in God. The one thing that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life is that there really is some supreme being who is behind this entire system. When you get 250,000 miles from earth and look back the earth is really beautiful. You can see the roundness, you can see from the snowcap of the North Pole to the ice caps of the South Pole. You can see across continents. You look for the strings that are holding this earth up and you look for the fulcrum and it doesn't exist. You look alongside earth at the blackest blackness man can conceive. That's what I call infinity of time and infinity of space and I know that it exists. I don't understand it and I am not sure that anyone else does. You look at the beauty of our earth, not tumbling aimlessly through the space but moving logically, perfectly and with purpose and you have a special feeling for its significance because it is home. You look at it and say: "Hey, there is no way this could have happened by two dust particles coming together. It's all too beautiful, it's all too perfect to have happened by accident.”
Apollo 17 Astronaut Gene Cernan (Pictured Above)

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